Imagine being a Youtuber with a content hungry audience, you're always under pressure to regularly post new content to appease the mighty Youtube algorithms.

Editing voice-overs can be frustrating!

So why is video production so difficult?

Typically, when you're creating a video for your audience, you've got to script it, shoot, edit, do the voice-overs, and add some polish before it's ready to launch.

So let's assume you have an idea for a video. How you get from idea to launched video really depends on your particular workflow, but in general..

  • Script writing is creatively demanding, and you often have to record yourself saying something to know whether it sounds right.
  • Speaking naturally while reading a script and timing it to match your video, is very, very difficult.
  • It isn't always possible to have a consistently quiet environment to shoot a video or voice over.
  • Re-do's and re-takes are annoying, but inevitable.
  • Imagine if you needed to hire a voice actor!

Wouldn't it just be easier if you had the ability to test out your script using your own AI TTS voice?

Replica lets you synthesize natural sounding speech in your voice from written text - so you can streamline your workflow and have even more fun making videos.

Create voice overs for your video easily - just by typing text. It works just like magic.

create voice overs by typing text.. it works like magic!

We've focused on providing the most realistic, emotive, and natural sounding 'Replica' voices.

If you're just looking for a generic TTS voice, here's a great review we did on all the options out there, including ours :)

Youtubers can create their own Replica Voice

Your Replica Voice is an 'AI clone' of your own voice. Simply upload your back catalogue of voice-overs that you've recorded over time for your youtube channel.

Uploading recordings to train Flynn Rider's Replica voice

It will sound exactly like you sound in all your Youtube videos, because that's what your AI Replica was trained to sound like.

You can then create a project in Replica Studios and start writing scripts, which can be magically turned into voice overs, ready for your next video project.

Brands can create or license exclusive Replica Voices

We work with you and your voice actor to help you design the perfect custom AI voice for your brand.

We can provide a custom VO script that will accurately convey the nuances, intonation, and expression of tone that you want your brand to sound like.

In either case, we will help ensure that the voice actors understand and consent to the use of their Replica Voice and are fairly compensated based on an agreement between all parties.

Reach out to us at and ask us about our custom voices.

How realistic do Replica Voices sound?

They sound pretty fr*****n realistic!

For example, here's an audio snippet we produced using voices that are currently available for public use on Replica Studios.

Replica voices were used to perform this scene from "Agartha"

To create the Replica voices that were used in making this demo, we hired voice actors to record a script, and used the audio they sent us to train realistic Replica voices. The Replica voices sound like the 'characters' played by the voice actors, and can be made to say anything in that character's voice.

We then used our editor to produce that dialogue, with the ability to control a variety of vocal attributes like emotion, pacing, and intonation, via an easy UI interface.

Our editing interface, Replica Studios is free to use, up to 30 minutes of speech synthesis. You can choose from a library of just under 20 public access Replica Voices - like the ones in the demo.

Get Started using Replica Studios today.