Want to show someone what you're working on? It's super easy! Once you've written some text and generated the voice, just click on the Share button to generate a link. You can give this link to anyone to hear what you've created.

Here's an example of a project we've created

​Updated support documentation
There's a new support section available at help.replicastudios.com - more content will be added over the next month. Please shoot us an email if you have a question that's not answered there.

Bug Fixes πŸ›
We've made updates to our backend to help handing the increased traffic and voice generation.​

β€‹πŸ‘‹ Our team at Replica is growing. Welcome Stas (Software Engineer), Travis (Software Engineer), Greg (Business Development), and Karol (Senior Software Engineer) to the team!​

​What's next
Coming up, we're researching and improving our AI voice model. We'll be adding new voices for the launch the public version of Replica next month. The voices currently on the platform are our first generation and will be upgraded with the new AI voice model. We've added some quick demos on the website.

-- Replica Team​