What is the Replica API?

With the Replica API you can build apps with realistic sounding text-to-speech voices. It's also built for scale, so it doesn't matter if you're building a small indie game, or a large video editing software product, we can help give your project a quality voice.

We're currently helping studios produce dialog for games, SaaS products provide quick and easy text-to-speech features, and deep integrations into art projects.

How do I get access?

  1. First sign up for an account
  2. Navigate to Integrations inside your Replica account.
  3. Click 'Request Access'
  4. Fill out a short questionnaire to describe your use case so we can help you get set up

We'll review your request and help you get set up.

Replica API Overview

Insanely fast synthesized text-to-speech

From the time we receive an API request, we'll have synthesized audio ready in less than 0.5 seconds. Taking into account your download time for the mp3 or wav file, you can expect to receive the generated audio file ~2 seconds.

API that scales with your needs

The Replica API will scale with your app. So whether you're sending a few requests, or steady traffic through all hours, the most your app has to wait is a few seconds for the magic to happen.

This means you can build apps that deliver near real-time latency, at scale, while accessing the entire library of Replica Voices and your own custom voices.

SSML for fine control of the generated speech

In particular, you can now add pauses in between words, change the speaking rate or volume, and even modify the pitch for all Replica Voices.

Find out how to get started generating with SSML.

We're launching paid plans

Paid plans are coming later this year. We'll have plans for every budget and project. Until we launch paid plans, we are letting in a small group of Beta testers on an Early Access basis to use our API for free.

Whats next for the API?

We're developing new API endpoints so you can submit audio recordings to create your own custom Replica voices.

Where's the docs?

Head over to docs.replicastudios.com for technical guides and check out our getting started section once your API request is approved.

If the docs aren't clear or you want to report a bug, please reach out to us at contact@replicastudios.com.